I was tagged by gwainethesuperwholockian, but am rebellious so I won’t post the rules again or tag eleven people because I’m lazy today…


1.Where do you live?
• Sandwich, Massachusetts. The most boring town you’ll find on cape cod

2.How old are you?
• 18 

3. What are your OTP’s and Why?
• Okay, I don’t watch glee anymore but I will forever ship Kurt and Blaine.
° also Sherlock and John because come on now, watch the show or read the canon and there are (took me) gay undertones…
• rose and ten because they have such great chemistry and doomsday and Tentoo so yeah
° Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione- no questions
• Quirrell and Voldemort, Taz and Up, Batman and superman… Wow all of my starkid OTPs include Joe Walker… Which is 100% fine with me

4. What is your favorite BROTP
Harry and Ron because their friendship was so strong in the books and Ron proved to be a loyal and valuable friend to Harry… And not a comic relief character like in the movies

5. What is your dream job?
Elementary school teacher in England although that is unlikely to happen seeing how difficult it is to obtain a work visa to England that would allow me to teach, even as an American :|

6.How many languages do you speak?
I speak English and took Spanish for the equivalent of six years in high school and am pretty capable of reading and understanding written Spanish hahah

7. What book would you recommend to a high school/college student?
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

8. Do you wear jewelry often?
I had a claddagh ring I go it when I turned sixteen but it has been irritating me so I don’t wear it often… But I usually get attached to one specific bracelet, necklace, or ring and wear only that for a couple of weeks

9. What is/was your favorite boy band?
I liked the backstreet boys and NSync when I was six but I grew out of that phase, thankfully

10. Which book have you read the most?

11. What is on your bucket list?
Live in England for at least one year


So riddikulustimelord==defenseagainstthedaleks

For now at least, we’ll see…

Should I change my URL???

No I seriously need help please-even if i dont follow you or we have a silent mutual follow going on- because I’ve had this one for a bit and idk if its time for a new one??
I have some saved, ok like 10+, some new and some old but someone give me input on whether or not I should change or keep (disclaimer: these URLs are pretty horrendous and I have more but they’re more to do with StarKid or Glee……lol)

• hufflepuff-in-the-tardis
• defenseagainstthedaleks
• dangerousquestion (becuz “Doctor Who?” and 11 says that’s a dangerous question blah blah)
• astudyinpotions
• consultinghufflepuff
• jellylegsjinxed
• astudyinparadoxes
• chamberofspoilers

Ya so they aren’t the best but um help???